How to reach us

We are located inside the medieval fortress of Cagliari called “Castello”.

The main historical monuments such as The Elephant Tower, the Tower of San Pancrazio, the Cathedral, the Bastion Saint Cross, Saint Remy Bastion, the Royal Palace or Viceroy, the Basilica of Santa Croce and the Citadel of the museums are located in a radius of 150 meters.
The beach of the city called “Poetto”, is located 4 km and is easily accessible by public transport.

From the airport

By car we are 13 km, reachable in 20 minutes.
Route: get to the sea port, follow Via Largo Carlo Felice to Piazza Yenne, continue on Via Regina Margherita, continue on Via G.T. Porcell, revenue in the medieval Via dei Genovesi, continue on Via Santa Croce and stop next to the church of Santa Croce. Walk a few meters, the Appeals Court Street, turn right at the corner Vico III dei Genovesi 10.
Arrive by bus to the terminal in Piazza Matteotti and from there you will arrive on foot in 15 minutes.
Route: Take the Via Largo Carlo Felice. From there you can see, looking up, the medieval quarter called “Castle” in which stands the Tower of the Elephant you have to reach; continue to Piazza Yenne and walk right to the end. Continue up the hill where you will find a staircase and then take the elevator, going right to climb the Tower of the Elephant, walk for 50 meters until the Via Santa Croce Santa Croce Church. Walk a few meters, the Appeals Court Street, turn right at the corner Vico III dei Genovesi 10.

From the port or the railway station

By car or on foot: follow the above instructions starting always from the Via Largo Carlo Felice.

Car parking

At 150 meters, on Via Cammino Nuovo, there is a large public car park from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00, at other times is free. The cost is 0.50€ and 1.00€ the first hour each additional hour.

At 250 meters, on Via Regina Elena, you’ll find another parking, indoor parking and a fee. The cost for 24 hours is about 5.00€.